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Dec 16, 2012 9:30pm EST
? but the u.s. is better than many european countries. many u.s. archives are easier to use. cia archives are harder to use the avaya and i would argue they could be more open, particularly older ones. that can all be done, but the national archives and -- i actually have not worked in it, but friends i know is easy. >> go back to when you started this book in 1944, and it goes to 1956. how did the soviets take over eastern europe? what did they use? you mentioned a lot of stuff earlier, but give us some examples. >> there were three or four institutions they considered important. if you look at the world in 1945, stalin did not have plans. he did not have a 10-point plan. he was an opportunist and a tactician. he had a conviction sooner or later these would become communist countries, because marx's ideology said so. it said there will be international revolutions and the soviet union will bring these revolutions to the countries. he had a conviction it would happen but not a lot of uncertainty about -- a lot of certainty about when. what he did to make sure he had enough influence -- i
Dec 30, 2012 9:30pm EST
intracompany system works. as i understand it 92% of all sales outside the u.s.a. are built in ireland. is that right? >> i'm not sure if it was 92% but the vast majority will be built in google in ireland. >> you actually have been making a profit. >> we are making a profit and we're paying taxes. >> in the u.k. >> well, a real profit rather than just avoiding this. >> i have to say we are paying the taxes and not avoiding taxes. >> you are avoiding taxes. >> i think you are avoiding. my question is would you leave? and if you left if you had to pay a higher way to tax on the decent profit, where would you go? >> i think the issue of you understanding here it is about -- if google was a british business -- if google would have been founded in cambridge it would be different because the technology founded where it happened. british is a u.s. business. the activity that happens in the u.k. even if you have to describe it as sales activity which is not exactly what the people do, we can still go and get that activity from the open market at the kind of cost that we're paying the u.k. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)